Reception - Sunshine Hospital Hi Macs: Fiery Red


Established in 2004, C-Craft Interior Concepts Pty Ltd has since shown its ability to produce exceptional results consistently at the highest of standards. With over 200 completed projects to date, clients large and small are turning to C-Craft.

Interiors all across the country have been fitted with Solid Surface designs produced locally, specializing in domestic and commercial work, utilising: Dupont’s Corian, Samsung’s Staron, LG’s Himacs, and Xflo’s Hanex products.

With projects ranging from the artistic and edgy concept design of 31 Queen Street in Melbourne, 32 Hungry Jacks stores throughout Victoria/Tasmania and projects like Nike® and Mark Jacobs retail stores in Melbourne, C-Craft has shown the diversity and range of applications Solid Surface materials have.

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